Holidays Camp in vevey region

If you live in the Vevey region, travel with children, let your children spend an unforgettable holiday. With outings to nature and cultural activities adapted to their age, they will be full of discoveries. Check out the program of our children’s holiday camp now and discover the activities offered each week.

Children’s camps, but not only!

We know how quickly children get tired and need to constantly discover new things, which is why Kids-Trip offers a wide variety of activities for children from 4 to 12 years old. For your child’s birthday, we organize an outdoor treasure hunt for him and his friends. In addition to activities focused on nature discovery, we offer many creative workshops to introduce your child to new manual activities and develop his imagination.

If you wish to know more about our activities, do not hesitate to contact us to consult our complete and original program.


Safety first

If you live in Montreux, Vevey or Lausanne and you do not have the possibility to take your child to his or her activities, do not panic. We take his safety very seriously, so we make sure to pick him up wherever you want and bring him home safely.



With his experience and his meetings in the French-speaking cantons.
Kids-Trip recently joined forces with “Nature et Découvertes Switzerland” in Vevey to offer Nature birthdays.
Kids-Trip is also a partner of “My Family Pass” and offers discounts if you are a member of the same brand as a family member.

Holidays Camp

Choose your camp by age

Camp for 3 – 4 years old


Camp for  5 – 10 years old


Camp for 11 – 14 years old


Our camps includes :

Transport, Fun, Lunches, Smiles, Snacks, Good vibes

Drinks, Laughings, Entrances for activities.


Pick up places :

Montreux, Vevey and Lausanne. 



Kids-Trip’s birthdays are adjustable to any theme.

Contact us for more information.

Saturday and Sunday : 10.30am to 1.00pm or 2.30pm to 5.00pm

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Every first Wednesday of the month, Kids-Trip and “Nature & Découvertes” Vevey will meet you at the Manor Center in Vevey for Workshops on the Nature theme.

We will start Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 14h.

Normal Price: 40chf             Members: 30chf

Wednesday Trip

Every Wednesday Kids-Trip organizes an excursion for children between 6 and 10 years old throughout the year.
The picnics are brought by the children.
Book your tickets for the events in the calendar
Price: 80 CHF


The camps

450 Chf for 3-4 years old
550 Chf for 5-10 years old
650 Chf for 11-14 years old


350 Chf for 2h30 for 12 children

Wedsnesday’s Outings

80 Chf for 5h


40 Chf for 2h

calendar / registrations

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The team

With the Kids-Trip team, it’s always a safe adventure!

At Kids-Trip, your kids will be cared for by enthusiastic and experienced staff, all of whom have been carefully selected based on their experience, qualifications, character and attitude. More than 50% of the staff consists of qualified or near-qualified teachers and each employee is subject to a reference check.
All staff members receive comprehensive in-house training to ensure they meet the high standards of Kids-Trip. We encourage our excellent staff to come back with their precious experience and a familiar face to the returning children.
Each activity has a manager who will coordinate and manage their team while ensuring that all programs and activities on their site are fun, exciting and safe. There will always be at least one qualified rescuer on each site.
For the camps, the person in charge will be reachable all the day if you have to modify your plans of care or if you wish to check that your child is doing well. A real-time parent information system is also set up so that they can follow their children’s day.


our story

Camps, Club Med, a daddy’s story and ideas!

Nicolas, the founder is a fan of colonies and holiday camps. Already a small boy, his father was himself a director of settlements and he took him everywhere with him. Treasure hunts, group games, reps together, everything was wonderful and Nicolas felt like a fish in the water surrounded by his fellow vacation camps.
So it’s a bit like Obelix and the magic potion, the children’s animation, he fell in when he was little!
Then come the time of studies that he undertakes in Belgium, his native country. This is where he trains to become a primary and nursery teacher. A few years spent in the world that he particularly likes … that of children. What seduces him is their spontaneity and their creativity. But in parallel with his studies and while others go to work on the farm or supermarket to make some pocket money, Nicolas, he prefers to spend to organize camps and birthdays for children. Obviously!
After successfully completing his studies, he is then recruited to organize internships and holiday camps for a Belgian mutuality. With the latter, he goes to Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy, and more particularly to teenagers between 11 and 16 years old.
Finally, he takes a liking to it and decides to make it his job by applying to Club Méditerranée as a Children’s Animator. He will spend 7 years there, finishing by being manager of children’s structures in holiday villages.
An opportunity brings him to Switzerland (yes he is also an adventurer Nico!) And a few years later, he is offered a job in an international school. He will spend almost 3 years there. That’s when the animation fever caught up with her!
In August 2018, he decided to launch his project after having discussed with a dad of his school class who found that the camps Nature was missing in Romandie. so he remedied that and bought his first 8-seater bus to go with the little ones.
Kids-Trip was born!

Kids in action